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From Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist and Kevin Sorbo, download your 1-minute Guide to the Last Days.

One Minute Guide to the Last of Days

The Last Days refers to the period of time (a generation) that will precede the rapture of the Church. When you hear someone speaking of living in the last days, that is what they are talking about.

From the Producers of the Left Behind Movies, this is your FREE book: 301 Starteling Proofs and Prophecies. Proof of God's Existance.

301 Startling Proofs & Prophecies

The creation of the universe and the beginning of life on Earth were one-time events. How they came about can never be proven by science, which requires repeated experimentation and observable empirical evidence. Nonetheless, many believe that scientists have the last word on how the universe came about. Furthermore, many believe that science has proven that biblical creation never happened.

Fulfilled Prophrcy. Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist is available on BluRay & DVD

Fulfilled Prophecy - Answers In Genesis

Among the many amazing evidences that confirm the Bible’s divine origin, surely the wealth of fulfilled prophecies is near the top. Just a few examples should suffice to dumbfound all but the most hardened critics.

Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist is now available on DVD & BluRay. Fulfilled Prophecy is proof of God's existance.

Fulfilled Prophecy Is Evidence of God’s Existence

Can we prove God exists? If Someone wrote predictions or prophecies of the future and those prophecies consistently came to pass through the centuries, we would know that this Someone has an ability that no human has. These prophecies would help confirm the existence of God.

Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist now available on DVD & BluRay. Isreal in Prophecy: Proof of God's Existance. LampLighter

Israel as Proof of God’s Existence

There is no doubt that to accept something that cannot be seen requires faith. But an acceptance of God’s existence does not require blind faith, because the evidence of His existence is simply overwhelming.

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