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Surrounded by the love of his family, police detective Tom Canboro (Gary Busey) enjoys a rich and full life. But he finds himself battling more than thieves when he takes on a mysterious group who possess frightening psychic powers. When his wife (Sherri Miller), sister (Margot Kidder) and brother in law (Howie Mandel) become the target of this dark society, he rushes to their aid. However, before he can reach them, a mystical force takes control of his car thrusting him headlong into the path of an oncoming truck. Tom wakes up from a coma to find himself in a world which has undergone a frightening transformation. A self-appointed Messiah (Nick Mancuso) rules the world and almost everyone proudly supports a mark on their right hand signifying their allegiance to this global leader. Millions have simply disappeared, and no one left behind can remember that they even existed. In a state of confusion, Tom seeks his family and tries to make sense of a world gone mad. At the same time he finds himself relentlessly hunted by the same dark forces he encountered before his accident. His only hope seems to lie with the members of an underground resistance led by Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis) who are trying to expose the Messiah as the devil himself! Tom is suddenly caught in the middle of a battle as old as time in which the very souls of mankind hang in the balance.

Tribulation (DVD)

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