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Without warning hundreds of millions of people around the globe simply vanish - including every child.  All that remains are their clothes and belongings and chaos and terror like never before. Suddenly unmanned vehicles crash and burn.  Emergency forces everywhere are depleted.  Gridlock, rioting and looting are rampant with no one to help or give answers. For RAY STEELE, the pilot of a jumbo jet, it means trying to calm his hysterical passengers who saw loved ones vanish before their eyes.  It also means trying to land his damaged plane when every airport is jammed with burning wrecks and while wishing that he could talk to his family one last time.   For CHLOE, Ray's daughter back on the ground, it means trying to find her younger brother who disappeared from her very arms.  Fighting through a post-apocalyptic landscape, Chloe makes it home but her mom is gone too.  Despair and rage rule the day.   Against odds, BUCK WILLIAMS, a world-renowned journalist who shares a special bond with Chloe, is on the flight with RAY and is able to reach her and explain their dire situation.  Ray says a final good-bye but Chloe is determined to find a safe place for his plane to land.  It's a slim chance but it's the only hope for these earthbound, airborne survivors...

Left Behind Movie (2014)

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