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When millions of people suddenly vanished in the Rapture, the world was plunged into a state of emergency. Financial markets collapsed, governments toppled and a worldwide lockdown ensued.


Now, six months later, people are just beginning to recover from the trauma. So when a so-called ‘expert’ claims that a second wave of vanishings is imminent, news anchor Cameron ‘Buck’ Williams (Greg Perrow) sets out to disprove her theory. Against the wishes of his boss, Steve Plank (Corbin Bernsen), and his network, Buck teams up with hacker Dirk Burton (Stafford Perry) and together they stumble onto a conspiracy to take control of the global money supply led by billionaire media magnate Jonathon Stonagal (Neal McDonough).


At the same time, Buck’s girlfriend Chloe Steele (Sarah Fisher) and her father, Rayford Steele (Kevin Sorbo), are on a very different journey. Ray believes that his wife’s disappearance was, in fact, the Rapture, but what does that mean? What can he do now, and how can he convince Chloe? Desperate for answers in a world where Biblical Truth has been censored and vilified, Ray finally finds the answers he is looking for in the last place he would have expected to find them.

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