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“A powerful, exciting film that left me almost breathless… True to the spirit of the book series and to Scriptures … I heartily recommend it! Bring your churches, invite the unsaved, and support this film opening weekend!” – Stan Goldenberg, The Movie Connection

“This is a very important movie about real life events. I want my whole family to see it!” – Karen Kingsbury, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“While watching the film, you are literally on the edge of your seat. It is important for Christians to fully support faith-based projects so Hollywood will hear our voice and produce more. Make sure you see this film…” - Brian Dodd, Brian Dodd on Leadership

“Very powerful and bible based.” - Jim & Missy Gross – Mission Directors, Grace Community Church

“I highly recommend it to every family. People need to go and encourage others to see it too. It will change their lives and their way of thinking.” - Raul Ries, Calvary Chapel Golden Springs

“I believe that the audience will feel that it has been worth the wait. Left Behind is a thrilling ride, from start to finish. The audience will be challenged and changed, and will leave the theater a different person.” - Tim Storey, Author

“The story, the acting, the special effects- are all top notch. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time… This movie will inspire amazing conversation.” - Doug & Jaci, Family Friendly Mornings radio, Salem Radio Network

“Left Behind is an engaging, thought-provoking thriller no one should miss!” - Diana Saenger, Saenger Syndicate

“Left Behind will cause everyone who sees it to ask the all-important and eternal question, “Am I ready to go?” Don’t miss this important opportunity, go see Left Behind!” – Pastor Matthew Hagee, John Hagee Ministries.

“I was surprised at how my internal emotional conflict wrestled with all the chaos, turmoil & fear of the rapture … Challenging movie. I will share Christ more boldly than ever before!” – Steve Wells/North Pointe Church Pastor

“Excellent. A real eye opener to the nonbelievers.” - Ron Kitchell, Pastor, Morning Star Christian Chapel

“The drama is real … It will help your family open a real dialog about the book of Revelations and God’s ultimate plan.” - Bonnie Curry, 94.9 KLTY


My husband and I went to see it with our son and daughter in law. We all loved it and can’t wait until Tribulation Force comes out. Very well done!! – Kat Ebeling-Brown 

Saw it this afternoon. Great movie! – Debbie Beyer

Awesome awesome job! – Michelle Green-Heath 

Saw it, loved it, very well, done, and I pray people get the message! – Bob Feiring 

Saw it an it certainly made an impact on my soul… I caught myself crying. – Efrain Rentas 

It was awesome! Want to see more. – Ora Vasquez 

We went to see it last night. Truly enjoyed it! Well done! My tween daughter gave it a 9 1/2 on a scale from 1-10! She told me the movie ends at the beginning of seven years! We can’t wait for the sequels! - Kat Barrett 

Awesome movie and so intense !!!! – Ludovina Wain 

Saw it last night and loved it!! Everyone needs to go see it. -Jan Fiala 

My husband and I just saw it!! I have read the books, and the movie was great! I highly recommend it! -Emma Brown 

this is not the typical Hollywood apocalyptic type movie, this is very Biblical based but without preaching. The message is there for anyone who wants to “hear” it. It is a thought provoking thriller…..based on an event that will indeed HAPPEN. – Judy Ann Walton

My son and I saw it Friday evening! It was great! Love the cast. Nicholas Cage is fantastic! – Heather Dice-Dagenhart 

Saw it! Loved it! Sequel, please?!? – Michelle Fallen 

Great movie – Kelly Yaver 

It was Awesome, I hope they do the whole book series! Phyllis E. Velez 

I went to see this movie yesterday. It was very moving and left me wondering if they are going to make the book sequels into movies. If so I can’t wait to see them. -Mischelle Tripp 

Excellent movie a must see I loved it. – Cathy Allen Klemm Evans 

Great Movie – Al Castro 

Went to see it last night in Auburn. Good movie with a great message. I would go see it again. – Len Chase

That is a great movie! Saw it last night! – Valerie Eaves Nash 

Great movie, saw it yesterday! – Karen Dolin Taylor 

Barry and I saw movie yesterday-very well done-will invigorate you to witness boldly all the more!! – Marilyn Foster 

I saw it, it was awesome! – Nakia Rodriguez 

Awesome movie! The Bible does talk about this day. – Dona Marks 

Saw this tonight with 4 friends. The Left Behind book series was so thought provoking and a spiritual revival 15 years ago and now the new mainstreamed movie will hopefully show a new generation how the Rapture could transpire in today’s world. While only God knows when millions will disappear in a blink of the eye, this movie reflects a realistic picture that is only the beginning of the 7-year tribulation. If you watch with an open mind and heart and not cynicism, you will discover why it is important to believe in Christ and his mercy. – Gayla Massey 

Just got home after seeing that movie, Hollywood did a great job very realistic. – Selwyn Joseph Collins II 

Saw this tonight with a couple of friends…awesome. I thought it was good and it will make a lot of people think or do some Bible research. – Joanette Tengelsen Barnes 

Great job to all the actors and those involved! It is amazing. – Lorie Bandy 

Loved the movie. – Dana Remisovsky 

We loved it…read all the books…I do hope the movies will continue. – Cindy Moody 

Just saw it!!! I really enjoyed it and recommend it totally!!! = Cathy Smith 

Excellently done!!!! Hope everyone goes to see it!!!! – Marilyn Wolf 

Awesome, don’t miss it! – Patsy Merritt Coleman 

Saw it yesterday…loved it! – Kary Phyllis Eubanks 

God bless all who see the movie, a seed has been planted.. – Judi Miller 

This Movie is awesome I enjoyed watching it today!!!!! – Erica Jackson 

Great movie – Brenda Navarre 

Loved it, needs a sequel from right where it ended. Geri Palmer 

Please go see this movie. My husband & I went last night. And after seeing it , you will ask the question , “Am I ready to go?” – Sherry Ray 

Saw it!! It was GREAT!! – Jeanne Sturtevant-Schumacher 

Was an excellent movie! – Mary Charnin 

Awesome movie! Pray for all those that are not saved. Hope there will be a sequel. – Carol Davis 

Loved it….read all the books and own all 3 movies. .this has a different spin on it great for unsaved…..action packed and true to the Word. – Pat Ricciardelli Damico 

Saw it last. Night …very good. – Deanna Pennock Wiley 

Loved the books and loved the movie. -Linda Janiga

Awesome, awesome movie. -Noel Neaves-Cassidy

I loved it. -Terri Richmond

Went to see it today. Great movie. Story was good and I pray it will provoke people to think about the rapture. And what God is trying to tell us. GET READY! – Russell Corp

It was great! We loved it! – Tress Boor

Loved it just got back. It does stay closer to the book. It also is giving more information than the original did about the Rapture! Thank you! -Trina Rinaldi

LOVED it I give it two thumbs up. This was a great movie. It was so good to see more reactions to the Rapture from people of all walks of life whereas the original only focused on the lives of Buck, Chloe and Ray. Knowing and believing are two different things and happy the movie touched on this. -Debi Taylor

Saw it last night. So ready for #2. -Suzette-Matt Richie

Very good movie, hoping there is a part 2!! -Bill R. Smith

Great movie. -Joshua Street

I hope there is a main stream part 2. – Bettye Dufour

Sequel please!! – Denise Larson Tornga

Just got back from seeing this great Movie! -Lorraine Bigelow

I watched it and felt it was a great movie to open conversations. The ending of course lets us believe another is on its way. I sure hope VERY soon! -Irene Vint Dickason

It was really good I will like he to make Left Behind part II. -Maritza Hernandez

We went to see this today. It is a great movie… -Kimberly Oakley Cardwell

This movie is going to put the ball in believers hands to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. - Duke White Jr.

I Just saw Left Behind tonight and it was awesome!! I still Like the first movie with Kirk Cameron because he witnessed to people, in the new movie he doesn’t:(I would still recommend seeing it and starting a conversation about God again to your friends family neighbors coworkers ….anyone God puts in your path. - Sheri Ann Stanley

We saw this last night. We loved it! - Dorothy Diehl Johnston

I saw the movie last night, and hope and pray there’s another one. - Kevin L. Bruce

I just got back. really makes you examine your heart, are you really in a personal relationship with Jesus or are you just doing the motions???? - Meyer Sandra

Just see it!!! - Maria Stoico-Merthe

Good movie, Lots of action. Brought what is written to life and now many will be affected. - Jamie Lyn Stanton

Awesome, don’t miss it! - Patsy Merritt Coleman

Good movie…..makes one think hard about things. – Michelle Griffith Keen

After having read the books, I was wanting more and didn’t want the movie to end. The movie is worth watching….He is great. Gracias a Dios. - Augustine Rodriguez Jr.

Saw it … Was a good movie .. I won’t be left behind. - Judy Moore

Good flick, makes you think. - Angela Fitch

Awesome movie!!! - Beatrice Evette Crutchfield-Carrales

Good movie very realistic and does make you think about where your heart is really at. - Cynthia Shires

Saw this movie today and it was amazing. Everyone should go see it.
Gene Marie Waldrop

IT WAS GREAT. AWESOME. The script, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the pathos…it really was a home run. I am praying and trusting for a fantastic opening weekend and even better word of mouth – because of the message but also because the producers, director, actors, crew deserve it for giving us a great film. – Richard Gandy

Mr. Murray was a cool under fire Cameron “Buck” Williams! Loved him in the role and loved the movie. - Sharon Hoggard

Great movie. I really enjoyed it. - LaTonia Clark

So I just got back from watching the new Left Behind movie. I highly recommend all of you go see it. The whole cast was just wonderful. I about cried through the movie like 7 times. It was so emotional and thought provoking. Best Christian film I’ve seen in like forever on a stage like this. The effects and production over all was like a big budget film. Just beautiful! I’m speechless! - Devante Thomas

My husband and I went and saw this, this afternoon. There were changes, which was to be expected however, it was done better than I had anticipated and I thank you for not deviating too far away from the book. God bless each one of you that worked towards remaking this movie!! - Gerri Page

Enjoyed the movie….can’t wait for the next one! - Jacqueline Mollicone Brazynetz

Just saw this movie….fantastic movie…well done. If you walk in the movie a non believer, have no idea how a person would walk out the same when it is over. To God be the glory and the praise…..thank you Heavenly Father for all of our blessings. – Penny Self

Really enjoyed the movie. - Pam Busby-Grayson

Just got home from watching the movie. Really good movie. - Yvette Gallegos Mcfarland

Pat Lanier Just watched. AWESOME!

Rebecca Harris It was AWESOME!

Daniel Christopher Ferrell Saw it with my parents for my moms birthday! Great job! Can’t wait for Tribulation Force!

Saw it, loved it! Glad I’ll be one that disappears Thank you Jesus! - Marty Biland

Saw it last night & it was awesome! I just hope people who are not saved will go see it & be moved by it. - Connie-Robert Gantt Hicks

My husband and I just saw it. I will recommend it to everyone. - Lisa Eberz Hughes

This is a great film filled with loving intentions. It speaks the truth, and attempts to guide us to salvation with The Lord. – Gail Rebus

Yes go see the movie. It impacted me. A refresher course. I was brought back to the Lord by a book called the Late Great Planet Earth, and the song afterward Wish We’d All Been Ready. I pray that the movie will literally scare the hell out of its viewers. - Larry Brooks

Just saw it. I live in Baton Rouge where it was filmed so it was cool to recognize the mall, downtown, etc. But the message of the movie is what got me to the theater tonight. I went with my son and husband-the movie has sparked some pretty deep conversation among us. Loved the movie. It’s not a movie to be taken lightly. – Natalie Hope

Just saw the movie everyone needs to see this movie. This movie was excellent so awesome. - Lorraine Wannamaker

It was intense and awesome. Fantastic job Paul Lalonde! Can’t wait for Tribulation Force. – Georgina Rose Santiago

Saw it yesterday! It was good! My husband and I saw the original, but this movie made us cry. We went home just clinging to each other praying for the lost! We wanted to see it go a little longer, with more details of the rapture. - Ayanna Ayeni

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Congratulations on the movie wow definitely no words for it. – Karen P. Mendez

Saw it today with a friend we loved it! - Marcia Yates-Byas

Nicolas Cage was not how I had pictured Captain Steele in my mind’s eye, but by the end of the movie I bought it. All around awesome movie! - Hannah Parrish

Great movie. Ready for the sequel. - Angela Starnes

Awesome movie! – Kasey Smith Jurgens

Saw it tonight! It was awesome! - Brenda O’Donnell

Yes! Saw it tonight!!! Praying that God would draw more souls to repentance and accept Jesus in their hearts through this movie!!! In Jesus name…Amen! – Christina J. Rantz

Saw it TODAY! A must see, I’m sure there’ll be a follow up! - Kathey Lopez Dennis

Saw this tonight, it was awesome. - Pamela Curcio

Saw it today everyone needs to see it. - Sandy Carpenter

Amazing!!! Saw it with my Mom tonight and thoroughly enjoyed the meaning and story of this movie. I am a huge fan of the books and hope to see more in the making!! God bless those who made and saw this movie and those who will someday see it. - Solomon Weisgerber


People need to know about Jesus before it’s too late. Awesome movie! - Glenda Faye Jackson

Fantastic! Cannot wait for #2. - Lainie Guthrie

Everyone in the theatre started clapping at the end. They all thought it was great. – Deborah Bovasso

Great movie. – Aliuska Cruz

Saw it last night and loved it. -Vicki Wann

Went and saw this movie today. A real eye opener. Pray that everyone is ready. A true story that has not happened yet. -Tim Robinson

Wonderful movie! -Leeannendaniel Slagle

I Loved the Movie I think there should be a Left Behind II. – Theresa Armstrong I

Definately go see it. It was better than I was expecting. -Monica Chiarappi

Thanks for the movie, Left Behind! Took my family this afternoon. Jordin Sparks’ acting blew me away. Kudos to her! -Johanna A Whyte

Just saw Left Behind with my parents and it was amazing. -Noel Neaves-Cassidy

Great movie! -Pamela Martin Taylor

It was an awesome movie – Stephanie L Westergard

I loved it. That day is coming sooner then we think. -Jewell Deuschle

Wonderful movie! -Petra Carrizales Valdez

It was awesome, a must see by everyone! – Kenneth D Rizzo

Went to see this yesterday with a friend. Two boys taking tickets said,” Left Behind? Everyone is going to see that movie. What is it about?” what a perfect time to spread the word do God? Thank you Lord! – Kellie Couch Hopper

Excellent acting excellent movie. -Bob Debbie Lavine

I Loved The Movie !!!!!! – Terry Mathes

Saw this with the family last night and my 3 daughter’s (11-14yrs) can’t stop talking about it today! We loved it! It’s opened up conversation about the Rapture and end times and brings us a glimpse of what it could be like and what challenges it will bring. I totally recommend it! -Christina Gomez Armour

Very very good. -Pam S. Doyle

My family loved it!!! JESUS is coming soon!! BE READY PEOPLE!! -Lisa Lynn Whitley

This movie was GREAT. – Trevlynn Hammer

Saw it! So glad I won’t be Left Behind! Are you ready?! – Susan Mitchell Ballard 

Saw it last night and it was great! – Sherrie Schroeder 

Saw the movie and loved it. I truly know where my Faith lies. Hopefully people that go see the movie will become believers to follow Christ. – Freda Bullins-Johnson 

Great movie! A great way to get people thinking about God & their future. – Janet Roberts 

Just got home from watching Left Behind. It was so awesome. I have read both adult and kids books 4 times. I took my son and 4 other ladies and my husband to see this movie. The only thing wrong with it is it did not last long enough. I was so engrossed with the movie I did not know how fast time went by. I loved it so much I hope and pray that you will continue to keep making more. Please!!!!!! – Peggy Henderson 

Loved it, gonna see it again – Kathy Henson 

Awesome movie! Gave me goosebumps! It was excellent! – Denise Flores

Love it! -Genevieve M. Jen

We saw it yesterday. Group of nine. Great movie. Jesus is coming soon! – Ricky Casiano

Really enjoyed it! It gave me goose bumps! After reading the series twice I’m really looking forward to continuing the movies! -Sarah Untied

Well done—— very sobering & true! -Marilyn Wolf

Loved it. Makes you think. -Jeff Finley

Really loved the movie. I took a non-believer with me and for the first time that person understood what I was talking about. – Cindy Bourgeois

Great movie! I loved it!! -Jaime Risser-Iaquinta

Good movie. I’m a Christian and I’m usually a bit leary of movies with a Biblical message. This one was high production value, a great story well told. Good acting, great action. Loved it. An eye opener.Joe Ryan

I went and love it .i hope every one’s eyes will open. This will happen. Don’t get left behind. I need to change my ways . Just pray for me…Ronald Lynn Carey

Powerful. I recommend it. -Shirley McElroy Phillips

Was a great movie. Just as good as the first one. Time is coming! I recommend this movie to everyone. – Brenda Burris

It was great! Terree Swartwood-Segui

Awesome movie!!!:-) -Tumi Lewis

We loved it! Ready for Tribulation Force. -Pete Hackney Adamson

Follows the bible. Wake up people the rapture is real!!! -Della Nickerson-Kelly

Loved this movie!! I hope you turn the next books into a movie!! You have a great cast!! -Terri Wilkinson Rushing

Watched it last night with my fiancé. I asked him what he thought about the movie then we started talking about the second coming. I started to cry because I was able to share my knowledge of Christ from many prospectives. It enlightened my fiancé and I felt I was spreading the Word like I’m supposed to. Today is our church’s family picnic after Mass. I hope to talk to everyone I can about the movie. They should all see it and spread the Word of God! -Michele Pontiff

It was absolutely wonderful! Nicolas Cage was fantastic, as were all the actors in the film. So riveting and ‘touching’. – Tina Eaton Blackwell

We loved it! So happy movies with the message of truth are finally getting funded! -Sarah Kouba

Loved the movie. I hope it gets people thinking. -Kim Cecchetti

I enjoyed the movie! It was very realistic and that is what’s going to happen, because it is in the Bible. The girl who played Chloe was great! -Haydee J.Briceno Phillips

I really liked it. -Darlene Hanback

Wonderful movie! Ready to watch it again! -Wendy Perry

Very much enjoyed the movie…hope sequels will follow! -Vanessa Horne

GREAT MOVIE!!! -Daisy S. Solatorio

Wow!!!! This was done really well.Pamela Wilson

It’s a wonderfull movie. It moved My heart.. There is a God, and he is coming for his church. -Zuleika Alcantara Rivera

I enjoyed the movie. I was in tears as I left the theater. -Carol Yocom Wever

Great movie. Saw it today. I Loved it.Deborah Miller

Loved it! Worth watching again and taking a friend or family member who needs to see it…Bishop BK Naone Jr.

Frank and I went to see it and enjoyed it; we both felt they made a good movie and we will go to the sequel, if they make one! We recommend it! -Natalie Keller Chaput

Great movie. -Sabrina Calderon

Went to see this movie today and it was great. Makes you think that the Lord is coming soon. Take your unsaved friends and when the movie is over they will have lots of questions. Be prepared to answer. -Claudia Glover

We watched it today with the family. It was great! Wished it was a little longer. -David Dunbar

I loved the movie! -Karen Boggs

Awesome movie. Loved it! -Otis Goodlow

Great acting / great audio/visual effects to show what it will be like to experience the aftermath of the Rapture IF INDEED you are Left Behind! Audience really enjoyed the humour and the nail-biting / surprise scenes as well! -Liv Ebdon

Great movie! -Avel Ocampo

Movie was good. No foul language. -Glenda Norman Hudson

It was a great movie! Just hoping for a continuation!! -Kelly Henderson

Great Movie and I read the book… I am ready for part 2 or will I say there must be a part 2. -Carla Spruill

I saw it today, It was wonderfully refreshing! What I loved the most was the character development. -Shayne Weltmer

I enjoyed the movie. There will always be bad reviews. But the point of the movie came across loud and clear. -Guille Perez

I enjoyed it.Roger Freels

Loved the move! I love that it brings awareness to the end times and what it will feel like if you were left behind. -Lisa Bernthold

I loved the movie. It was different than the original. Updated for the times. God was mentioned many times in the movie. I love that you spent the whole time with the rapture. Most movies do not. Well done. Hope the second one is coming very soon. – Betty Wilson Yells

It was good. They did make it more ” Hollywood” but the story’s meaning was still there. -Tina Lentz Mostov

Great movie…can’t wait for the rest! – Jennifer Breunig Geer

What a great movie! In the midst of horror movie previews for Halloween, what a breathe of fresh air…this will get people thinking and talking about what is to come…TODAY is the day for salvation! 2 Cor. 6:2 – Donna Daigle Pierce

I had a great experience with this movie. -Billy Martin Walls

Loved the movie, as usual a stellar performance by N. Cage, just a gripping story told with insight about what’s about to come. Don’t be persuaded by the bad reviews, this truly was an exceptional film. -Melissa Adams

I love a Christian movie, and you know that this was spot on for that because it makes you examine your heart. Don’t miss this. – Meyer Sandra

Looking forward to seeing this movie, it’s a date night. Hubby and me. – Vickie Dan Smith

Loved it!!! – Deborah Stockman

Wonderful movie! Just got home from seeing it. – Sonya Rowe

Just saw the movie, all I can say is FANTASTIC..great action with a Meaning I think everyone left with…talking is good and Reading the Bible is even better…GO SEE this MOVIE: if you do nothing else…-Sherry Coppens Fouts

This movie is for believers and non-believers alike. My husband and I just saw it and I can’t wait for the next one. – Lisa Eberz Hughes

I Saw It Yesterday! It Was An Eye Opener For Me! Thankful That One Day I Will Be In Heaven! Not Left Behind In This Cruel Mean World! -Lauren Wade

Saw it yesterday. It was great. -Dee Dee Daugharty Culotta

Saw it … LOVED IT!! -Candy Stevens

Great Movie. – Carmen Robin Andress Russo

Please, please more! – Shirleen Buskey

Loved the movie! -Nancy E Andrews

Loved the Movie!!!! Did scare me a lil but im Ready!!!- Checo N Janet Vega

I saw it last night…and we LOVE IT!!!! – Susan Gable Celia

Very good movie, a definite must see. -Johnnie Rawls

I hope they Make part two! -Stevon Respert

Our Lord hopes movie will change lives and so do I. Whatever it takes. Time is short. -Bamtexag Shelton

Really enjoyed this movie! Speaks to you! -Pat Archer

People need to go see the movie. First of 5 more coming. -Maryanne Childress

I took my my kids to see this and we loved it. -Maria Gonzales

Starring GOD. With appearances by Nicolas Cage. etc! Done well!! Definitely left you wanting more. – Lisa G. Mees

Everyone should see this movie. -Sue Watkins

I watched the movie with my family and my kids were very touched. Jesus is coming soon. -Blankha Flores

Wonderful movie!!! -Lorena Tejeda

Great movie. 5 stars for bringing awareness to the world! – Kathy Johnstone Watson

Went yesterday and I highly recommend it to everyone to see! It is no joke, it’s the Word!!!! -Marilyn Wolf

The movie was great. Praying it makes people think and spurs conversation. Anything that provides an opportunity to explain the hope that we have within us can be used by God. -Kathleen M Inman

Great movie. -Prince Mc

I saw the movie last night and every youth director and pastor needs to take their people to it, The Rapture happened so fast and the Bible came very clear to people…well me and my sister. -Pam Brown

GREAT MOVIE. Ready for part 2! -Julie Smernoff

I loved the movie! Great way to leave us ready for the next one. The message was clear, and I was glad you did not make it too difficult for those who are not familiar with what comes next. There have been so many messengers. Thank you Lord for your mercy. -Jacqueline Teixeira

Wow..just saw this movie….EXCELLENT….May the Lord HAVE MERCY on us all… -Sandy Bandy

Just got home from seeing this GREAT movie. I hope they do the rest of the books. I loved it. -DeeDee Watkins

It was excellent! Exactly true to its purpose: to stimulate discussion and have people inspired to seek for the way of salvation. I especially liked the final verse Mark 13:32. -Linda Beth Pichaj

Just saw this movie excellent please do a follow-up on this movie. -Maria Matos

Well done! All of you and THANK YOU…Don’t listen to the media you did an awesome job. -Chris HaworthVrecko

Amazing movie! -Crystal Saintsing Pluck

Go see it! It was SUPER! -Vickie Heffner-Moore

Just saw it well worth the time!!!!!!!! – Donna May Shantal Kania

Went to see this – good movie. -Patty Stevens

I had to brush the tears away a few times. Wonderful job! – Ken Souza

Left Behind did not disappoint! Worth the wait! -Glenna Faulkner Rodgers

Loved the movie, can’t wait for the next one! -Anna McPherson

Wonderful movie and I hope everyone goes to see this movie! -Sheila McShea

I just saw it!!! MUCH better than the last attempt. Sure hope you’re planning a sequel or maybe even all the books???? – Kim Wasylyk

Just got out of theater, i want to be part of the next one! Great start! -Derek Gonzalez

Great movie! Great acting! Great message! -Sandy Charlton Wright

Loved it…can’t wait for the next one!! -Cathy Wagner

Really loved the movie!! -Melody Jones

Just watched. AWESOME! -Pat Lanier

Stop what you are doing, and go see this flick. – Ricky Martinez

Great movie. I really enjoyed it. -LaTonia Clark

I just saw it and it was great movie. Very inspiring and important messages. They should make more movies like this one. Nicholas Cage was phenomenal! -Morales Olga

We went last night. Goooooood movie. – Terrie Masonraby

I saw it last night. The Rapture part left chills down my spine. – Jen Cooper

Saw it!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! – Rita Klaiber Barker

Went to it yesterday. Excellent – Raymond Gravelle

I saw it yesterday! Very Good Movie!!! Colleen Richard DeLoach

We went yesterday to see this movie and I would have to say if you can watch this and not ask the question, (am I ready) something is wrong. – Billie King

Saw it today! It was fantastic! – Bernie Rohr

Great movie …even greater message! Saw it yesterday! – Cheryl Morin Tidwell

If I could, I’d buy this movie & send it to every living soul on this planet! - Karen King-Curry

Loved it!!! – Mike Reid

We just came from seeing the movie. I loved it. Read all the books I’m ready for the next movie!!!! -Pam Burton Shipp

Awesome movie. -Aliceann Annie Rykse-Schwartz

Great movie. – Shirley Newton

Loved the movie!!!! People need to start opening their eyes to what is going on in the world… praying for all the lost souls. – Kathy Rickard-Braden

Four of us saw it together today and what I loved the most was that each of us found a moment where we laughed. Not together, but uniquely because something was speaking to us. -James H. Montgomery

A must see! -Julie Smernoff

Great movie!!! -Angella De LaVega-Castellares

I loved it! I’ve read the books and the Bible… Non believers tend to believe more of Hollywood than the Bible… So I think it’s great! Jesus is coming and soon!! I pray this movie will open the eyes of the lost and lead them to Christ! Hoping they’re planning to finish the series! Love that so many films are out this year leading to Christ!! -Christie Bellamy Graham

Everyone in my theatre room was stone silent at the end, I could tell it had deeply touched people. Praying for changed lives. -Ann Custer

Saw it … LOVED IT!! -Candy Stevens

Read the series & it was great!! I enjoyed the movie but hope it is the first of many!!Dan Leier I

Loved it! -Angela Haley

Just came back from the movie theatre, it was awesome!!!! I loved the prior versions and I thought it hard to fill the shoes of the first cast, they all did a wonderful job! The script was excellent, loved the changes and Nicolas Cage was superb!!!! Cant wait for the next one. -Brenda Lachman

Just saw it. Great movie. I really hope they make more movies. – Tonya Hare-Reader

I Loved the movie! Great eye opener Pray all will go see it!! Nicolas Cage did a Great job!! -Charlotte Manuel

I saw it this evening and it is fantastic!!! You must take unsaved people with you….great opportunity to witness. – Georgia Jarred 

I saw it tonight! Good movie! I hope and pray those that see it will have their spiritual blinders off! – Judy Miller Ramsey 

A must see movie. Take your friends and family. It’s a life changer. I saw the original movie in my teens, a gotta see movie! – Raynette Shockley-Corrigan 

The movie was AWESOME!!!! - Lori Earhart 

Saw it tonight. Eye opening for sure !! I read the Left behind series this movie is based on the First book. Which is based on fiction And Truth / the Bible. Go see it !!! – Frances McCartney Turner 

Just got home from looking at it, & it was great.. – Michelle WalkingwithJesus Barton 

Saw it today…if you are not a believer feel sure you will be when you see what God predicts on the big screen. Reminder for all of us. – Marilyn Harrell Jones 

I also saw it tonight, a must see, well-done, great movie. – Miriam Avila Sanchez 

Just saw the movie this evening – very good! I would recommend to everyone. – Mary Blain 

I just saw the movie, it was great! Even though I knew what was going to hapoen, when the Rapture occured, it took me by suprise! – Joe A. Dierdorff 

Saw it today! Fantastic movie. – Elaine McPherson 

Saw it ..loved it! – Thomas Ordes 

Went to see it today, Oct 3 at first showing at 11:30!!!!!!!! It’s great and thank you for making this movie!!!!! – Carol Gustafson 

Yes it;s a great movie! – Amanda Huggins 

Watched it tonight. Powerful performance…….. so worth the watching! – Barbara A Berney 

Just saw the movie- excellent. – Ann Sullivan 

Great movie just watched it – Rudolph Ward Jr. 

I enjoyed the movie, thought provoking! – Pam Pennix 

Great movie – Debi Junker Gregory 

Great movie!!! – Betty Marie Dobbs 

Great movie. – Debi Parsley 

I went to see this tonight with my daughter. It was very good and was true to the first book in the series. I hope that they continue to make more to follow the books. It sets the stage for unbelievers to begin to question. I pray that it opens the eyes to see and the ears to hear of every unbelieving soul that sees it. – Linda Spencer 

Awesome movie. Just got out! GO SEE IT!!! – Darling Andrea Whitten 

Went to see it today, and it is really good! Some different from the book, but the main lesson was portrayed very well. – Carol Ann King 

It was wonderful…. Truth. – Jean Norris 

Great movie. – Holly Hendricks 

Loved it, very overwhelming. Great casting. – Tina Harlow 

I watched Left Behind today. Very Good! – Teri M. Decker 

Saw it today. ….very good movie. Makes you think for sure. Jesus IS coming sooner than we think in a blink of an eye! !!! Are YOU ready? – Jackie Pennington Moore 

Great movie!!! Margie Shearer 

Read the book and saw the movie…….fantastic movie I recommend that EVERYONE watch it. – Tammy Hamilton 

Saw it tonight. Great movie. I hope they make a movie from each book. Read them all and would love to see each of them come alive in a movie… – Frieda Courtney

I don’t know how anyone could say this movie wasn’t good. This was a wake up call for me. Very good movie. -Wagner-Johnson Monna

Saw it last night! Makes me want to read the book series all over again. Been many years since I’ve read them. Definitely 5 stars!!!! Brought tears to my eyes. I could feel the Spirit of the Lord in the theater!!Sharon Moore Kubacki

It was a good movie. Very true. Jesus is coming back to take his children home. Those that believe in him. The ones that don’t will be left behind to go through the Tribulation. You think it’s bad now you are in for a rude awakening. No we are not going to be abducted by aliens. People need to listen. This is Bible Prophecy. I heard this all my life. My grandfather was a preacher and he knew the Bible inside and out. Things that are happening now are in the Bible. I hope to see you in Heaven someday. -Carolyn Wilson

Loved it so much and saw myself in it. Truly happy to be a part of this inspirational soon to be true story. Seeing it again and again with friends and family. -Courtney Cazes

Fred Brown It was powerful movie and it made me do a lot of thinking afterwards. Thanks for bringing out the message. God bless!

We enjoyed the movie so much. Thank you for bringing it. -Terri Richmond

Always a movie that can open people’ s eyes through God is great !!! I like it. -Laigin Perez

I saw this movie last night.. It was very touching.. However I just wish it was a little bit longer so more people could grasp the full understanding of the movie. Moral of the story is Don’t Get Left Behind… -Demitral KeepGodfirstalwayz Coleman

My daughter and I went and saw the movie on Friday night, and we enjoyed it. – Cynthia Spradlin Hood

Awesome movie. I liked it. -Rafael Miron

I loved it! -Becky Pucher

Excellent Movie! Everyone needs to go see it and send a message to Hollywood that this is the type of movie we love; Christian movies. Love Nicolas Cage and Lea Thompson! -Karen Ward

We took our 15 year old daughters to see the movie and we all enjoyed it! So cool that we have Heaven to look forward too as Christ followers! Makes me want to tell everyone I meet about Christ! – Ivy Jo Iddings

Loved the movie. -Sherri Caton Exley

Saw it today. Totally loved it. Perfect place to stop. When is the next one? -Cyndi Edwards Nitzken

Saw it today and liked it. Can’t wait for the other series of movies!!! – Susan Vanbenthuysen

Awesome movie just saw it. Can’t wait for part two. -Misty Little

A must see. -Trisha Parker

Went last night with family who live in MKE, WI and all of us thought it was awesome…it was a message the world needs to hear desperately! The theater was packed…. my granddaughters, 14 &11 are inspired to read the books and are anxious to spread the Good News of the Gospel so that people will not be left behind. Stay until the entire end so you can hear the song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” by Jordan Sparks! – Joyce Leasure

I saw it today and it was awesome. I loved it, I laughed, I cried, I was scared, I love action movies!!! And this is the best in a long time. Nicolas Cage absolutely delivers. -Brenda Lachman

Thank the Lord they are making good Christian movies for us to see. Just saw it. Very good. – Doris Friddle

It was wonderful!!! -Janet Heath Long

Great movie. I was totally impressed. Please watch it. I loved Nicolas Cage’s performance, as always, flawless. -Melissa Adams

I saw the movie. And I highly recommend it. Its excellent. Good acting. Good cast. -Tony Lopez

Just saw it today with my family- AMAZING, can’t wait for the next one- God is so good –k. – JessandKevin Borth

I just saw the movie and loved it. It was very suspenseful, great acting, effects were great. The story was great! It would certainly give you cause to investigate who Jesus is! -Charlotte Merli

Almost didn’t go see it bc of all the negative reviews I’ve read, but so glad I didn’t let them sway me! Awesome movie! Well worth my time, money, and attention! Pray it’s used to make people think, search the Scriptures, and start discussions! – Terry Stickler Reichert

I just watched this movie & I loved it ‘s two thumbs up! -Jocelyn Swayze

Just got back from the seeing it, even in the 2 p.m. showing, the theatre was at least three-quarters full, a good sign! It was an awesome movie with a clear message. Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson and the rest of the cast and crew did an outstanding job. It left you hanging in the end, so please tell me there is more to come! -Lauren Harrison

I normally don’t go to opening night on movies but I did this time. This is a good movie. I hope to see sequels. I went on opening night because I know that’s how movies get good ratings. It’s nice having good movies without sex and foul language. Good job. I’ll be seeing it again too. -Suzette Edwards

Great movie. I saw it yesterday and I believe Jesus is about to return. -David Allen

Riviting… my daughter and Isaw it yesterday afternoon and WOW! -Anna Benton

I saw it last night and it was awesome everyone should see it. You will never feel the same. I believe Jesus will be coming back for us soon. -Debra Collins

Just got back from seeing this movie. It was amazing. I did not understand all the bad reviews . The producers did a great job presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message was there the whole time. It made the book come alive. Nick Cage did well as Rayford Steele. Now bring on Tribulation Force! – David Brown

It was great!! Verystrong and powerful message. Especially that pastor scene. Shows what my pastor has always said, that you can go to church and know the bible front to back…but if you don’t believe, you’ll be left behind. This movie was great! Definitely a must see for nonbelievers. Good lessons for kids too. It’ll help them to know and start their faith early in life. -Fyre Josea

Amazing movie! I’m from Detroit Michigan, went to check it out yesterday and people got converted over to Christ! I’m super geek with joy bells in my soul from the Holy Spirit Jesus!!! I’ve been reading Revelation 22 daily from March until now and to know this movie came out is total confirmation about Christ coming soon yay Come LORD JESUS! HE ROCKS:-) -Shavon Changed

I’m still thinking about what took place in the theater. Wow! JESUS IS THE MAN! – Abner Stacks

I’m a Christian and went to see it…Thumbs up! – Rosa Jimenez

Just saw it this afternoon !! Well done !! -John Niemi

Very powerful movie! I am ready! -Coryle McCashland Cook

Please enjoy this movie for what it is people! Support it and send Hollywood and the rest of the world a clear message that you will pay to watch them if they make them!!! I saw it and loved it!! -Sandy Vicory-Franklin

I went and saw the movie today. I thought it was well done. The movie has a meaning to it, If you believe in God then you should really see this movie. Lots of meaning and a very good representation of the book. Makes me want to go re-read the entire series again. -Milford C. Hutsell III

Loved it!!! Powerful!! – Barbara Goldin Dobbs

My husband and I saw it yesterday and loved it. We sincerely recommend it for everyone….I hope that the entire series is made. -Sue Damato Kowalski

Saw it today! Read all the books….I liked how they changed some things…The message is very clear….loved it!! – Coreen Witt Huff

FINALLY a Christian movie with good acting…yay for Nicolas Cage and Lea Thompson bringing big names to a Christian film. These films have to be good instead of hokey like so many (although well-intentioned) are. This one, in the words of my 13 year old son, was “intense.” That’s high praise! Also, as a Christian mom, it made me cry, so it went beyond intense to touching the heart. Thank you for this movie. – Donna Marlene Dresser

I’ve not been to a movie in years, but because it was Left Behind I went to the fist showing on the first day, and I was the first person there! Awesome! -Sandi Hommes Wiarda

Just got out of the movie and it was fantastic Hollywood yes. True to the meaning of what it’s going to be like yes. It’s a movie to get you thinking about what is going to happen. -Kimberly Mohr

We went. It was good! And we pray that it reaches those who haven’t accepted Christ as their Savior so they won’t be left behind! -Tim Deb Burke

Saw it! Loved it! Praying people will get saved! -Barbara Miley

Great movie, action and a great message. In a blink of an eye and your life will change forever! -Linda Wolcott

I hope they make other movies that follow the book. I took my 3 boys and we all thought it was excellent! – Beth Sutherland

I went to see the movie and it opened my eyes to the fact that I have family members and friends that may not know what is near. God is telling us to be ready. GO WATCH IT AND IF IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU CRY FOR THE LOST, THEN YOU MAY WANT TO EXAMINE YOUR SALVATION. -Mayzelle Coward Davis

Awesome Movie!Renee Lewis Larson

Good movie…………….DO NOT LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS!!!! – Vicki R. Russell

Saw it yesterday. It was excellent. I recommend you taking a loved one that needs to be saved. - Marilis Ramos Sabra

Saw it last night it is a movie everyone should see – Janice Strickland

I saw it and enjoyed it. I do think it will cause a lot of people to think about their lives and destiny. – Dee Ann Giles Aguilar

Great movie. – Todd Lewis

Just went and saw it. VERY intense!! EVERYBODY needs to see this, especially those who DON”T know Jesus. It will definitely make you want to. – Diana Fendley

Loved it. This movie was awesome – Nancy Agustin

Loved the movie – John Fishler

Yes this a Great Movie! A MUST SEE FOR ALL! – Sheena Harris

I loved this movie. When the rapture happens most people aren’t going to think it was God. Think about it. They are the ones left behind. All they are going to be doing is panicking. A few will know or figure it out because of family or friends that God took. That’s why I know that the sequel will include more of God because Chole said at the end that things were going to get much worse. The first movie in my opinion shows the rapture and the panic. The next will show God and everything. I really loved this movie. – Courtney Paige

I really enjoyed it!!! Very good movie. -Roberta Beard Thompson

Loved it!!! I took all 3 of my sons. -Rana Unger

Highly recommend it, it keeps you awake throughout the whole movie!! -Gabriel Reyes

As far as I’m concerned critics do not have the final say! Nicolas Cage did a terrific job, the writers, and the director took the action and remembered the story. The main plot is where will you be before the Rapture and afterwards. I like others, I can’t wait for The Left behind II. -Susan Tait-Ihrcke

My husband, my 12 and 8 year old children and I saw this today. Loved it! The rapture IS coming… What side will you be on? Will you be left behind? -Kimberley Wilson

I went to see ‘Left Behind’ the other night and it was really good! The acting, action and special effects where fantastic! It doesn’t matter that most of it is speculation as to how it will go down. I mean, most of how prophecy will unfold is speculation until it goes down, so the movie lover in me just appreciates the good directing, acting, special effects, action and especially the message. – Angie Scoggins

Never read the book but I read the bible and know about the rapure or the church. I liked the movie my mom liked it and my son liked it too. -Suzy Lang- Vuletich

Sharon Roberts Patching I’m from Longview TX and had to wait until the second day because yesterday was sold out. ALL OF THE actors were first rate – Nicolas Cage – you can bet on the best horse.

Awesome movie! A must see! So ready for the sequel. -Yona Quinn

I thought they did a wonderful job with the movie. The message is there for those ready to listen. Don’t be Left Behind! -Brenda Tindill Isenbletter

Great movie! -Carlos A. Alvarado

Loved it! Can’t wait for the rest! – Joan Williams Cecere

I thought it was great. -David Scott

My daughter and I loved it! – Deborah Miller Knuth

We saw, yesterday. A true story, up and coming, it’s just hasn’t happened yet!!- Ben Wallace