Q. Will there be a Left Behind 4?
A. At this time, there are no plans to continue the original LEFT BEHIND movies where LEFT BEHIND: WORLD AT WAR left off with a fourth installment. Instead there is going to be an all new LEFT BEHIND movie starring Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson and Nicky Whelan.

Q. How closely will the new LEFT BEHIND movie follow the books?
A. The LEFT BEHIND reboot will focus on the hours immediately following the rapture. It will not cover everything that the first book includes, but will be more specifically concentrated on those first few hours and the chaos of the world in the wake of millions of people vanishing with no explanation.

Q. Will the previous cast be in this film?
A. The cast of the previous films will not be reprising their roles in this film.

Q Who has been cast so far, and who will they play?
A. Nicolas Cage will play Rayford Steele, Cassi Thomson will play Chloe Steele, Nicky Whelan will play Hattie Durham and Chad Michael Murray will play Buck Williams.

Q. Who will be directing the movie?
A. Vic Armstrong

Q. Where will the movie be filmed?
A. Baton Rouge, LA

Q. When will it be released in theaters?
A. There is no official release date yet, but as soon as we have an official date, we will announce it at www.facebook.com/leftbehindthemovie.

Q. How can I audition to be in the movie or be an extra?
A. Any open casting calls for extras and smaller roles will be announced on the LEFT BEHIND website at www.leftbehindmovie.com and the LEFT BEHIND Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/leftbehindthemovie. “Like”-ing the Facebook Page or checking the website regularly are the best ways to make sure you don’t miss the announcement.  You can also follow @Paul_Lalonde on Twitter to make sure you get all the updates from ‘behind the scenes’.

Casting information please contact:   leftbehindactors@gmail.com extra casting information please contact:  leftbehindextras@gmail.com

Q. How can I send in music for consideration to be used in the film?
A. If you have songs that you would like the producers to consider for the film, please send one or two digital files to music@stoneylakeentertainment.com. These files will be kept on file for consideration when the process of scoring the film begins. NOTE: Please send MP3 FORMAT 320 kbps quality files

Q. Who will play the anti-Christ in this movie?
A. Since this movie will only include the first few hours after the rapture, the character of the anti-Christ, Nicolae Carpathia, will not be in this film.

Q. Why reboot the series?
A. The producers decided to do a new version of LEFT BEHIND for a number of reasons.  One reason is it has been eight years since LEFT BEHIND: WORLD AT WAR was released, so many of the actors involved in that project look different/older and have moved on to other things, which would make it difficult to continue from where WORLD AT WAR left off.
Another reason is that the producers saw an opportunity to make a film that with a bigger budget, celebrity actors, and a theatrical release will help introduce LEFT BEHIND to even more people around the world.

Q. I am a media person who can I email for more info?
A. You can contact us via email info@leftbehindmovie.com